Classes of ’13 & ’14 Launch Internship & Job Program

The goal is 100-percent internship and job placement … law, finance, banking, social services, education, public affairs and Fortune 500 business. Thanks to Jake Thorn ’14 and several other members of the classes of ’13 and ’14, our undergraduates have significantly improved their chances.

Alex O’Conner ’17
Alex is the first beneficiary of the internship and job program. Alex landed a summer internship at The Normandy Group, LLC, an internationally known lobbying firm based in Washington, D.C.

Reagan Tsimakoko ’15/Chuck Peruchini ’91
Reagan is the first Delt senior on the “full-time job” scoreboard. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is creating a seven-country management training program for Reagan. The GIA’s mission is to grade the diamonds and gems of the global precious stones market. Reagan worked diligently with Chuck Peruchini ’91 during the fall to tune-up Reagan’s resume and interview skills. Chuck graciously gives Reagan 100 percent of the credit, while Reagan tells everyone Chuck walks on water. Chuck deserves a shout out too. He brought his fiancée, with whom he’s getting married in March 2015, to the 2014 Homecoming Panel. Our best to you both, Reagan and Chuck!

William Seidel ’14 may next be on the list of Delt internships courtesy of William Seidel ’14 with several more in the mix at other firms where Delts work.

Please contact Jake Thorn ’14 at [email protected] with your thoughts and ideas as well as internship and full-time job opportunities that you may have for our undergrads.