Fraternity Plans Byron J. Horn Memorial Panel

As spring blooms in Gambier, the fraternity is preparing for the 2024 Byron J. Horn Memorial Panel. Each year, alumni return to Kenyon to talk with brothers about their careers and workplace experiences. Past panels included alumni from all walks of life, from recent graduates all the way up to seasoned professionals. This year, the panel will be hosted on Saturday, April 13th at the Lodge. In anticipation for the event, we asked Will Gardner, ‘24, current Alumni Chair, some questions about the panel and what it means to the fraternity.

Are you excited about the upcoming BJH memorial panel?

Yes, I am very excited for the upcoming BJH memorial panel. I think it will be a great way for alumni to see how well the chapter is doing and meet some of the potential new members. I also think it will be a great opportunity for networking, as BJH in the past has only allowed you to meet with one out of 3-5 people. Moreover, almost every other organization has an active alumni weekend when students are on campus and I’m excited to make this a tradition!

What did you like about past panels?

They were small, and so you could have in depth discussions and form interpersonal connections with the alumni you were assigned to. It was also nice that you could meet alumni who were involved in the chapter when our New Member Educators were pledging.

Why do you think the panel is important?

I think that the panel is important because it cements the bonds that the new member education process cultivates. As Delts we are committed to lives of excellence and are brothers for life. I believe this event exemplifies these notions, and shows that the alumni care. I think it also represents one of the ideals of BJH, as it shows selflessness to the active members of the chapter. Moreover, DKE has their weekend in the fall and their alumni turnout has been far superior. That’s why this alteration of the panel will allow us to see how much this chapter has meant to the alumni.

If you are interested in participating in the panel, please fill out the linked Google form: We’re looking forward to seeing you there!