Ben Huizinga ’14: “Nothing but love between us all”

When Ben Huizinga joined Delta Tau Delta, he says it was known around campus “primarily as the fun, laidback fraternity.”  

“People liked to hang out with us,” he remembers. “(They) appreciated that we were a little different from the average fraternity. We also developed a reputation for stellar academic performance over the years.” In fact, he considers the most sacred Delta tradition to be “striving for excellence in all arenas – academics, athletics, social, etc. We always want to be the best and challenge each other to do that.” 

Ben recalls many fun times spent and good memories made in the Leonard wing – “It was a ‘doors-open’ policy, and you can’t beat having that many brothers close for an impromptu hangout,” – and says fellow members of his pledge class made the most impact on him, because they spent so much time together. Even today, they are some of the people he keeps in touch with on a regular basis.  

“I have had a close relationship with Jake Thorn ‘14, a pledge brother, since our time at the house. There are too many times to count where we have offered each other advice / support and challenged each other when necessary. This has continued past our undergraduate days and into the time when we are both raising children and seeing our families grow.”  

Above all, he values the “unwavering” friendships built through his connection to Delta Tau Delta: “I could call up any brother at any time and they are happy to support me, talk, etc. There is no expectation and nothing but love between us all.” 

Ben majored in Psychology with a minor in Public and is currently working as the Director of Operations for a large tech company that creates social good software. His wife and he welcomed their son Cameron in September of 2022. Cameron joins their dog Wilson in their growing family.