Welcome the newest grads to Alumni Brotherhood! 

It is with great honor that we announce the newest fraternity alums! We reached out to our newest grads and asked them what they gained from DTD, why they joined, and where they are headed after graduation. Join us in welcoming them to the alumni brotherhood! 

Alec Ogihara 

The members of Chi chapter have been an integral part of my Kenyon experience since before I was even a student here. I met many of my future brothers as a visiting high school student during an accepted students day in 2018. My host was a Delt, and so I ate my first dinner in Peirce Hall at Delt table and spent my first night on campus in a sleeping bag in Delt division. When I came to campus as a First Year, of course the first organization I joined was Männerchor, an a cappella group that was at the time composed primarily of Delts. And over the course of my freshman year some of my closest friends at Kenyon were either Delts or my future pledge brothers. In retrospect, it was only natural that I was going to be a Delt. 

I think being a Delt has taught me a lot about myself, my abilities, and my values, and I don’t doubt it has given me friends and memories that I will value for the rest of my life. I think more than anything my time in Chi has really instilled in me an appreciation for the value of different perspectives, and a drive to respect and uphold the voices of others even when we disagree.  

Following graduation, I intend to move to Washington DC, where I plan to pursue a career in policy or politics.  

Evan Wagner 

I joined Delt because I knew a lot of great people in it and wanted to get to know the rest. It turned out that I gained much more, particularly in my personal development. I know I am a more responsible and thoughtful person because of this organization, and I’m glad to take those lessons with me into the world.


Eddie Weber 

I joined the fraternity because my dad told me that I would join a long legacy of men in my family who pledged Delt and were fine men because of it. After meeting all the guys my freshman year at Winter Formal, I was hooked. They were welcoming, funny, and diverse, and I felt at home that night in the Lodge. I wanted to enhance my undergraduate experience at Kenyon, and Delt did that. Chi and Delt have given me so much. I learned how to network, lead, and resolve conflict, among many other valuable skills, on top of everything else. It’s been such a good ride. This fall, I will start graduate school at the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, where I will pursue a Master of Public Policy (MPP). I look forward to keeping in touch with the Chapter and joining the ranks of the Chi Delt alumni.


Bradley Berklich 

I am an Economics major, Classics minor, Public Policy concentrator from lake forest Illinois. During my time at Kenyon, I served as the Student Body President, ΔΤΔ Chi chapter Vice President, and Business Manager of the Reveille. I joined Delt out of spite Sophomore year after not being let in the first time I rushed but I am very glad I tried again. I developed a deep love and appreciation for the principles of Deltism and the history of Chi chapter, eventually serving as chapter historian my Senior year. I have no concrete post-grad plans as of yet, but will hopefully be in the Chicago or DC areas focusing on government consulting or law.


Zach Sclar 

I joined Chi Chapter to expand my social circle and learn from other people with vastly different backgrounds. The friendships I have made and the leadership roles I was trusted with were excellent for my professional development and will always be treasured memories. After I graduate, I will work for a year to gain more legal experience before applying to law school.


Dell Hudgins 

I joined Chi Chapter to surround myself with individuals who had a drive for success and who I knew I could always count on. The chapter has helped me grow as a person, which will be reflected in my experiences beyond my time on the Hill. After graduation, I will work for a year before applying to law school to work on cultural heritage law. 


Gregor Bates 

I am an international student and have always been curious about fraternal life. The culture of Chi Chapter embodied important values in my life like academic and sporting excellence. Delt has changed my life in many ways. Most importantly the connections and friends I have made will last a lifetime.  I plan to work in Finance most likely in Richmond, VA.  


Akarys Yegizbay 

The core values of Delta Tau Delta aligned with my interests as the Fraternity is committed to academic and professional excellence. Chi gave me the opportunity to meet people I would not have met otherwise. Spending time with fellow students who shared the same interests pushed me to excel in academics and social endeavors. 

After I graduate, I will be working full-time as a Financial Software Engineer at Trail Dog Software in addition to continuing to work part-time as a Battery Management Systems Engineer at Stanford University. Chi or Die Yegizbay?!  



Adam Margolis  

I joined Chi Chapter my sophomore year after spending most of my fall 2019 semester in Leonard Delt Division. Getting to know the active brothers at the time, I decided that Chi Chapter was to be my place at Kenyon. Since joining, I truly have felt I’ve joined a family that has supported me on campus, and will continue to support me for the rest of my life. After I graduate, I will be working for a Senior Democratic Member of the House Appropriations Committee on Capitol Hill. I will eventually apply to law school, and plan to build a career in politics. 

Other 2022 graduates include Simon Hua.

Senior class along with Chapter Advisor Matt Dole.

Photo of recent chapter meeting.