State of Greek Life at Kenyon

According to the Dean of Students Office at Kenyon College, approximately “25 percent of Kenyon students become members of Greek associations.” While we know our Delt brotherhood is doing well (e.g., average GPA in line with the all-fraternity and all-male averages on campus), what else is happening in the Greek community at Kenyon?

  • Kenyon has eliminated the point deduction for the housing lottery for fraternity members who choose to live in division housing their sophomore year. This change eliminates a significant deterrent for fraternity membership and is welcome news for the fraternity system at Kenyon.
  • The Phi Kappa Tau fraternity colony has been approved as a full chapter and will be installed April 25.
  • The Kappa Sigma Alpha sorority will become a full chapter of national sorority Alpha Sigma Tau and will be installed April 19.
  • The Zeta Alpha Pi sorority has announced to the campus community that it is also considering affiliating with a national sorority.
  • Peeps O’ Kenyon has decided to no longer be recognized as a Greek organization on campus. They will retain their division housing in Old Kenyon.