Ricardo Pereira ‘16 Works to Raise Money for Families in Brazil During COVID

I moved back to Brazil in 2017 and always try to find ways to help the community that surrounds me. This is a critical time for the whole world, and to be able to count on the Delts is a great honor. I thank you in advance for your help.

Brazil is currently going through its hardest time since the pandemic started. The number of deaths is higher every day and poor people are struggling to buy even the most basic daily items for the household. 

I live in Curitiba, where one of its biggest poor communities – named Vila Torres – is going through extreme hardship. The community is home to approximately 9,000 people, composed mainly of autonomous workers. Their main source of income is through picking up and selling recyclable materials that are thrown in the trash. With lockdowns becoming more constant, businesses are closing and these workers are not finding enough recyclables to gather. Furthermore, most of them cannot afford to follow the lockdowns. As a result, the families are finding it harder and harder to buy food and hygiene products that are so essential at this moment we are living in. 

The government recently passed a bill that provides families in need with a monthly income check of 250.00 BRL (this is the equivalent of 50 USD). As you can imagine, with this amount it is practically impossible to maintain a family for an entire month. 

I am working with a non-profit organization that is seeking to help families located in this particular community. We have a goal to raise 200,000.00 BRL (approx. 40,000 USD). We will be purchasing basic food and hygiene items that will be distributed to the families. The distribution of food is already being done as we speak, but we look for donations in order to be able to help Vila Torres for a longer period. I believe that with the amount we set to raise we will be able to support the community for at least five months. While the amount we need might seem too big for me due to our currency, when we convert it to dollars I believe it is a completely achievable goal if the Delt community joins in to help. 

I have created an online link where people can donate whatever amount they feel happy with. I would like to note that if the donations come from outside of Brazil they need to be done via credit card, since the other payment methods only work inside Brazil. Please, share it to anyone who you think will be able to help. 


Thank you once again for the support. 

Best regards, 

Ricardo W. P.