Reconnect and Pursue Excellence

Never have I approached the turning of a page on the calendar with so much excitement. Let’s face it. The last 12 months were not a lot of fun. Survival never is. While our organization is used to blazing new trails and leading men to excellence, the last year was simply about staying afloat and supporting each other. Though humbling at times, it was rewarding to see you all come together and help you and your brothers make the best of an awful year.

Now we look ahead. I have spoken with nearly half of our chapter presidents this summer and about a third of our volunteers. To a man, when asked what they were looking forward to this fall, each responded, “seeing and spending time with my brothers.” Through the worst of times, we often learn to value the most basic and most important things. I too am looking forward to seeing you all again and sharing those bonds which sustain us and better prepare us for the duties of life.

Your leadership has a bold plan for the next year. Just as we did not pause our programs last year, we intend to make up all lost ground and then some in the year to come. The Arch Chapter and Central Office have committed to a bold goal of 8,500 members this year. Last year we were 7,960 members strong, but lower recruitment took its toll. Our 7,960 member total is down significantly from our pre-pandemic number of 9,150. Growing to 8,500 members is a stretch. I know we will all do our part and I am looking forward to blowing well past that goal.

We also have made a commitment to see at least 1,400 of you at our in-person programs this year. We have a full slate of programs scheduled – division conferences, the third PresX, the second Volunteer Coaching Summit, Ignites and a new program we will launch specifically for new member educators. After more than a year of having no face-to-face time with our brothers, we want to see thousands of you this year. Register early and register often.

Finally, we are committing to reinvesting our resources in you. We will return to a fully in-person PresX. If you are interested in being the next chapter president, please keep this program in mind. We have allocated a significant amount of funds for recruitment support. We want to help you find the best men on campus to be the next generation of Delts. Beginning October 1, we will hire a new staff member specifically charged with improving the health and wellness of our members. Every investment is framed by a desire to make you a better man. As CEO, I am excited to see these concepts come to life.

As you return to campus, please take some time to reconnect. Take time to remember the brothers who helped you in this last year. Then, once reconnected, let’s move forward as we always do in pursuit of lives of excellence. 


Jack Kreman, Chief Executive Officer 


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