How did your brothers make an impact on you during your time at Kenyon? Here’s what three brothers told us. 

We hear it time and time again when we talk to brothers about Delta Tau Delta, there are certain brothers that when you think about your time at Kenyon, always stick out. Whether it be them helping you in your first year at college, or your favorite party buddy, we all have that one guy that sticks out in our mind. Hear what three of your brothers had to say about the impact they had on their lives.

“Freshman year, Karl Starek ‘86 showed me how to be a good and kind human. His actions one morning taught me how to accept personal responsibility, apologize and show respect to another brother. I use this life lesson often and have tried to instill this in my own children.” -Jeff Moritz ’86

“I have had a close relationship with Jake Thorn ‘14, a pledge brother, since our time at the house. There are too many times to count where we have offered each other advice / support and challenged each other when necessary. This has continued past our undergraduate days and into the time when we are both raising children and seeing our families grow.” -Ben Huizinga ‘14

“Bill Swing ‘58 was two years ahead of me, became an Episcopal Bishop, and was a great support in later years.” -Richard Schori ‘60

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