Here’s how Delta Tau Delta impacted my life 

DTD  is the place where we had a lot of firsts. It’s the place where we first ventured out of our hometowns, the first place we bonded to on campus, and the place where we first learned how to be real men. Read on to see what your brothers said on how DTD impacted their lives.  

“I learned how to be part of a larger group, something outside of myself, and how to give to the community. That’s something that’s stuck with me to this day.” – Nick Kalm ‘83

“I was elected President and learned a lot about leadership and influencing a diversity of different people.” – Jim Kuhn ‘76

“I learned a lot of leadership and interpersonal skills that have helped me enormously in my business career. DTD taught me how to bring a group of people together to accomplish a goal. DTD also taught me how to work with people with diverse backgrounds.” – Jeff Moritz ‘86

“Delta Tau Delta provided me with a set of skills that have helped me throughout my life, and I want those skills to be taught to other young men. I believe that you should give back to organizations that are meaningful to society and meaningful to you.” – Philip Moyles ‘86

“I hadn’t thought about it until now but Chi Delts, who are also my closest friends, played roles in life decisions in the first years post-college… I worked a couple seasons in Montana after graduation (Delts); I taught English in Japan for a year (Delts); I heard about the Foreign Service (Delt); I had contacts at my first consulting job (Delts); I was recruited to join the internet boom in Seattle (Delts).” – David Bouman ‘95

“Delta Tau Delta certainly builds a foundation with the Delt Creed, as the Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana does with its Honor Code… It was responsible for building character, interpersonal relationships, and showing me the privilege to be a fellow Delt brother.” – Niles William Keeran ’77