Donor Spotlight: Jonathan Lawrence ’09

The first Doc Burns award.

We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to Jonathan Lawrence ’09 for his continued support of Chi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta over the years. We recently caught up with Jonathan and asked him about where life has taken him, Delta Tau Delta memories, and what Chi  Chapter means to him today. Here’s what he had to say.  

Why have you remained so dedicated to Delta Tau Delta?

I directly benefited from, and believe in, the fraternity as a vehicle for peer-to-peer support enabling positive growth and reflection. I want that for future generations of students as well.

How has being in Delta Tau Delta changed your life? 

The sense of community had an immediate impact on my well-being, this is most easily demonstrated through my GPA which rose to a 2.4 from a 3.6. Many of my most formative friendships are with my fraternity brothers; I am fortunate to live near one of my LBs, and that effect is ongoing.

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