Chi Chapter Alumni Association Board Meeting

On March 3 the following alumni were appointed directors of CCAA.

Andrew Atkins           1999

Sam Becker                2020

Brad Berklich             2022

Harry Clennon           2021

Evan Cree-Gee           2018

Noah Donahue          2022

John Donovan            1992

Jonathan Hammond  2020

Dan Glaser                 2014

Michael Marting        2014

Drew Meek                2019

Michael Michnowicz 2016

Mark Morford           2017

Jeff Moritz                 1986

Phil Moyles                1986

Todd Perrett              1986

Josh Wolfson             2015

Jeff Moritz informed the Board that he would be resigning on September 30 and that a new slate of officers should be appointed as soon as possible.  The Board thanked Jeff for his 30 years of service to the alumni association.

The Board formed several committees to address the current issue of student housing at the Lodge and the negative financial impact to the alumni association.  In addition, a committee was formed to develop association by-laws which would provide procedures for meetings, elections, officer positions, terms of office and general operations of the alumni association.

The board also formed a committee to analyze property management options.  With Jeff Moritz’s resignation an alum or two will need to provide oversight of the property going forward or hire a local property management company to provide the necessary oversight.