Building Up Brothers: Delta Tau Delta’s Ongoing Campaign to Educate Members on Well-Being #BUB

Building Up Brothers (BUB) is Delta Tau Delta Fraternity’s ongoing campaign to educate members on well-being. Our goal is to help students and alumni understand what well-being is, learn strategies to improve their well-being and help others when they are struggling with their well-being. BUB is a vehicle to educate and inform students and alumni on topics related to four domains; mental, physical, social or emotional well-being. Through a variety of tools and resources, the Fraternity provides ways for chapters to integrate the campaign into what you are already doing. includes all Delta Tau Delta health and wellness resources and programs. You will find information on:



  • Talkspace
  • JED/Delt ULifeline
  • You Can Help a Brother (YCHAB) programming

And our newest resource, the Guidebook. The Guidebook provides information and resources to assist your chapter in providing membership-based health and wellness programming in addition to wellness tips for the entire chapter. Every member is encouraged to check out the Guidebook to learn more about how to bring wellness conversations into the chapter.