Bob Stevenson ’59: “Learning to live with everybody was important”

Bob Stevenson ’59. Bob was an economics major who later joined the Air Force and went to law school. He worked at Kmart for 30 years as the Vice President of Public Affairs. After retiring in 1995 he did arbitration, mediation and was an attorney for Bloomfield Village.  

Bob and his wife, Sue have been married for 57 years. Together they have three sons and five grandchildren.  

“When I was at Kenyon, our house was known for the jocks,” Bob remembers. “I played football, and I was on the lacrosse team for two years even though I wasn’t very good.” 

Delta Tau Delta was a time of learning and laundry. “Dan Smith, Fred Burgold and I ran the campus laundry,” he says. “We all scattered after graduation, but I still see Dan sometimes in Naples, Florida.” 

“That laundry service paid off when we’d take that 1937 Packard laundry delivery hearse for the occasional road trip,” he says. 

Bob says a key to success at the house was living together. “Learning to live with everybody was important,” he shared, “and I hope that tradition never goes away.”