Benefits of giving back to the Chi Chapter

It is no secret that being part of a group like Delta Tau Delta is impactful throughout the remainder of our lives. We have heard from our brothers about the influence that the Chi Chapter has had on our futures, but what happens when we give back? This is what your brothers have to say about the benefits of giving back: 

“There are three ways to give back: money, interacting with fellow Chi Delt Alumni, and assisting with other Delt Chapters. I helped Arizona State University in Tempe to get resettlement and most recently I am a Nature Instructor at Culver Summer Schools in Culver, Indiana in the Woodcraft Camp. I’m giving back to Chapter Chi and Culver in two different ways.”Niles William Keeran ’77

I’m sure Chi would be even stronger with more alumni giving in everything from The Lodge to scholarships to rushing and community service.  A lot of good came from our active years and there is a lot of future good we can support.  I encourage my friends and all Chi Delts to take 10 minutes once a year, log on to the site, and give 20, 50, 100 bucks, something. It’s easy to give online here.”David Bouman ‘95

It’s very simple: If you believe Delta Tau Delta affected your life in a positive way, and believe in the fraternity and the college, it’s an obligation to give back. These kinds of institutions don’t exist without people giving back. If you have the wherewithal, it’s a moral obligation. If the college and DTD did well by you, then you need to do well by them.” – Philip Moyles ‘86

“Supporting DTD at Kenyon ensures that the fraternity thrives at Kenyon and the benefits of fraternity life (building character, leadership and positive male relationships) will be there in the future.Jeff Moritz ‘86

“Giving helps ensure that fraternal orgs continue at Kenyon College and other schools.” – Jim Kuhn ‘76

“A few people extended themselves to me when I was starting out, and that’s always stuck with me. Giving back is how you repay what society has given to you.” – Nick Kalm ‘83