Niles Keeran ’77 about giving back: I find that it’s a way to reconnect with fellow Delt brothers 

Niles William Keeran ’77 ([email protected]) pledged to Delta Tau Delta because of the connections that it has across the country. “There are a lot of Delt Chapters all over the USA and every university from Chapter Chi at Kenyon College where I pledged to the University of Oklahoma and graduate schools had Delt chapters. Chapter Chi was us swimmers at Kenyon College who brought OAC and NCAC Championships to 34 NCAA TITLES.” 

In his experience, the people that he met during his time as a part of Delta Tau Delta were what set it apart on campus. Some of his favorite experiences were “the Delt Lodge, filling Middle Leonard Hall with more Delts than Independents, and knowing a bunch of good guys from All American swimmers like Richard Ian James ’74 and the best Chapter Advisor Dr. Robert D. Burns, Ph.D.” 

Some of his best memories are the Dr. Burns Symposiums at the Delt Lodge, the social events at the Chi Delt Lodge, and living at the Delt Lodge with Scott Muntean. He appreciated “building character, interpersonal relationships, and the privilege to be a fellow Delt brother.” 

Keeran said that Delta Tau Delta has impacted his life long after graduation. “Delta Tau Delta certainly builds a foundation with the Delt Creed, as the Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana does with its Honor Code,” he said. “It was responsible for building character, interpersonal relationships, and showing me the privilege to be a fellow Delt brother.”  

Keeran believes in giving back to the organization that was such a foundational part of his life. “There are three ways to give back: money, interacting with fellow Chi Delt Alumni, and assisting with other Delt Chapters. I helped Arizona State University in Tempe to get resettlement and most recently I am a Nature Instructor at Culver Summer Schools in Culver, Indiana in the Woodcraft Camp. I’m giving back to Chapter Chi and Culver in two different ways.” 

In giving to Delta Tau Delta, Keeran discovered more than simply the opportunity to encourage the new generation. “I find that it’s a way to reconnect with fellow Delt brothers that you have lost connection with since graduation, and a way to stimulate them to give back to Chapter Chi.” 

Without Delta Tau Delta, I wouldn’t have any initiative, drive, and gumption to do my best in anything I do or am involved in life.