Kenyon To Prohibit Student Residences In Lodge, Alumni Association May Be Forced To Sell

In 1968 the Kenyon agreed to house students at our Lodge.  The room fees allowed the alumni association to pay the mortgage on the new lodge and provided revenue to fund ongoing operating expenses and repairs of the lodge.

In January 2023, Kenyon informed the Alumni Association that they no longer would allow Delts to be housed at the Lodge after the current school year.  This decision will have a major negative financial impact and jeopardize the ability of the alumni association to keep the Lodge open.  The alumni association receives over $17,000 each year in room fees which, along with the Chapter’s annual lodge payment, pays for all operating expenses of the building (taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance etc).

The alumni association is now faced with replacing this lost revenue through increased donations, increasing the Chapter’s annual lodge payment or a combination of the two.  If these revenues are not replaced, the alumni association will have no choice but to sell the property.  Under the terms of the deed, Kenyon College has first right of refusal to purchase the property.  A committee of alumni are currently analyzing fundraising options as well as working with the College on possible solutions.

With Jeff Moritz’s resignation and assuming a funding solution can be successfully addressed, an alum will need to provide oversight and management of the property.  Direct oversight of the property by an alum is critical to the long-term viability of the property.  Without an alum providing oversight the alumni association will be forced to sell the property.

Regardless of whether the Lodge remains open, Chi Chapter is in good standing and will continue to exist.  If the decision to sell the property is made it will certainly be a major blow to Chi Chapter and a loss of a key asset.