4th Annual Homecoming Weekend & Distinguished Alumni Panel

As we move closer to our Sept. 18-20 Homecoming Weekend and 4th Annual Byron Horn Mentorship Panel, we wanted to give you a quick update on those alumni who are committed to serving on the panel this year.

Alex Hetherington ’89 reprises his role as the emcee of the Homecoming Leadership Panel.

David Hale Smith ’90 is in the mix.

Adam Kline ’94 is swinging to town to represent the gridiron as well as Hollywood script writing.

Ben Holland ’99 set new standards in 2014, and he’ll be flying into town with John Bonomo ’99.

Blair Withington ’10 is flying in from Colorado.

Dan Glazer and the entire class of ’13 will make a strong showing.

Ben Holland promises to do all he can to equal the madcap performance of Chris Bonacci ’89 at last year’s adventure in Gambier. An anonymous donor has given $1,000 toward the tailgate party at the football game. And the ever gracious athletic department has reserved the same primo spot for our 20’x40’ tent and white table cloth set up.

Byron Horn’s dad is on deck to introduce the panel and share the qualities of Byron that he believes his son represented and still represents to all of us to this day.